Optimal's SelectSurvey Software Services For Web-Based Survey Research Services

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

How Optimal's Online Survey Service Works

SelectSurvey Software Features

Optimal utilizes SelectSurveyASP software to design, disseminate, and even host our clients' Web-based surveys in cyberspace. This online survey technology has the following features:

  • 21 different question types
  • Advanced reporting console
  • Powerful page condition logic
  • Bulk user registration
  • 100% script-based ASP code
  • 7 security levels
  • 4 different matrix questions
  • Data export to Excel or CSV file
  • Email invitations & lists
  • Easily modifiable look & feel
  • Dozens of administrative options
  • Ability to copy surveys & questions

Survey Design Stage

Organizations who contract with Optimal for their online survey services may choose to have Optimal write their questionnaire for them, or they may give Optimal a list of survey questions they would like their respondent pool to be asked.

In this stage, Optimal survey administrators can also tailor the look and feel of each Web-based survey according to each client's specifications, to remain visually consistent with the branding and image the organization has already established.

Survey Deployment Stage

Once the survey design stage is complete, Optimal notifies the potential respondent pool of the opportunity to take the survey using email, telephone, or postal mail. The notification consists of the purpose of the survey, time frame in which it should be taken, and contact information should the respondent have any questions.

Clients may choose for surveys to remain “active” for as long as a year; however, given the quick-turnaround nature of the Web, one month is typically more than sufficient for most online surveys. Respondents have the ability to access the site as many times as necessary. However, once the survey is “closed,” respondents will not have further access to the site.

Survey Response Stage

Response rates for individual surveys vary depending on purpose and sample size; however, an ideal response rate is typically 85 percent. If a client's ideal response rate is not attained, the SelectSurveyASP software has the ability to send follow-up messages to nonrespondents via email, reminding them again to take the survey. If the ideal rate is still not attained, the Optimal survey administrator can contact the potential respondent and send a hard copy of the survey via fax or postal mail.

Survey Data Analysis Stage

The Optimal survey administrator can monitor individual and aggregate results. Survey specifics, such as the total number of respondents, the dates surveys were completed, and the length of time used to complete the survey, are tracked and easily accessible. Additionally, the software automatically tabulates the results and displays them in bar chart formats (when applicable), with frequency and percentage of responses calculated for each question. The Optimal survey administrator can export the response data into a spreadsheet if the client desires.

Optimal researchers have the capability to produce restricted access or public use data files in ASCII and MS Excel format. The files can be made available on CD-ROM and typically include detailed documentation of variables and editing strategies and instructions on how to use and access the data files. All data files and documentation meet federal requirements regarding privacy and confidentiality as specified in the Privacy Act and the Social Security Act.