Optimal Brings High-Skilled Jobs and Federal Dollars to Baltimore and DC-Metro Area

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Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

Real-Time Data Collection, Analysis, and Reporting More >

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For Immediate Release: August 2005

The non-partisan, economic and social policy analysis research firm, Optimal Solutions Group, LLC (Optimal), has undergone accelerated growth and expansion primarily into the federal marketplace, while continuing to enthusiastically serve state and local governments, and non-profit agencies in the mid-Atlantic region. Recently the firm, headed by Dr. Mark Turner, expanded its current Baltimore location within the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) at Johns Hopkins University’s Eastern Campus and opened new offices near the New Carrollton Metro and satellite offices in Redmond, Washington and Columbia, Missouri.

Within the last month, Optimal has seen a 195% increase in its staff with the addition of 21 new employees. The new staff has strengthened Optimal’s ability to successfully execute larger and more complex contracts and expand its geographic reach. The expansion is also a milestone for the firm, which is in its fifth year of operations.

“Over the past year, Optimal has more than tripled its staff, broadened its client base and services, opened new offices in the Washington metropolitan area, and built two new practice areas—Health Policy and Communications. I am proud that our organization has been able to create jobs that provide timely and policy-relevant research and technical assistance to organizations across the country. Our staff members are not only highly educated, personable, and professional, but are committed to performing unbiased, rigorous research,” Dr. Turner said.

Since its inception in 2000, Optimal’s focus has been to supply insightful program evaluation, return-on-investment analyses, and technical assistance for decision makers in both the public and private sectors. Dr. Turner heads Optimal with his wife, Tracye, a corporate management and business development professional with more than 18 years of new-market expansion experience. Together, they have combined experiences and skills to anticipate client needs and services. Optimal’s clients include the State of Maryland, City of Baltimore, District of Columbia Energy Office, Prince George’s County Government, Associated Black Charities, U.S. Department of Education, U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, and the U.S. Department of Justice, to name a few.

Dr. Turner attributes Optimal’s mounting success and rapid growth to several supporting factors, such as: a clear and comprehensive business plan, dedication to rigorous research, talented staff, experienced business advisors, and access to capital. “I must thank Paul Taylor of the Small Business Resource Center, The Harbor Bank of Maryland, and the Emerging Technology Center (ETC) for supporting Optimal during this exciting time. All of these organizations were necessary to make our recent successes a reality,” commented Dr. Turner.

The driving factor in Optimal’s success was its strategic and long-term move into the federal market. The federal government’s commitment to meet small business contracting requirements provided Optimal with the opportunity to compete for complex research contracts that had traditionally been awarded to large research firms. While working on smaller projects, Tracye Turner strategically invested time and energy into obtaining contract vehicles such as the General Services Administration (GSA) MOBIS Schedule, Small Business Administration (SBA) (8a) Certification, the U.S. Department of Education’s Multiple Award Task Order Contract (MATO), and other federal contract vehicles which helped strengthen Optimal’s position within the federal marketplace.

“From a business development perspective, our management team’s vision, dedication to rigorous research, the federal government’s drive to meet its small business contracting requirements, partnerships with the nation’s largest research firms and focus on customer service were all essential in taking Optimal to the next level,” says Vice President Turner.

Optimal plans to move into the commercial sector and looks forward to doing more work with non-profits, associations, and commercial businesses.

Optimal’s primary location, in Baltimore’s ETC at John’s Hopkins University, houses a majority of its research, administrative, and executive staff. The New Carrollton Metro location houses Optimal’s Communications Department and Business Development staff.

“It wasn’t easy, but I look forward to the challenges and rewards that our growth brings.” -- Mark Turner, Ph.D.

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To learn more about Optimal, go to www.OptimalSolutionsGroup.com.


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